Since 2001 working in various segments, Tetra Group is our partner in technology solutions such as consulting, systems development, hosting, creation of websites, portals, hot sites, applications for mobile / tablet and producing projects on demand.



Able to provide a complete tax consultancy, Drummond offers services in the financial area, where it is essential to have accounting firms and accountants committed to pay tax and tax advice accurately and at the correct time. Located in Brazil and USA its consultants form a cohesive and motivated team with experience in the international market and knowledge of different languages ​​and cultures.





Since 1978, developing activities in implementation and leverage business with actions developed with the main actors on the development and financing. Developed business plans in various sectors, especially sectors of industries with incentives to beneficiaries of the funding agencies. Executive team with extensive experience in private companies in various sectors and the public sector at the municipal and state levels. Acting on advice from social economic state, industrialization and environmental development.

J. Nassif Mendes Jr.

Law firm whose mission is to guide customers in advance of legal dictates, in order to meet legal standards and avoid future judicial or extra-judicial disputes. It also assists in the right clarification and deciding which the best destination for the demand and interests.


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